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What is the meaning of Atmanirbhar Bharat ?


Before the starting of Lockdown 4.0 the Modi Government announced a package of 20 Lakhs Crores for the relief of all types of the people who have faced problem due to this Lockdown. The most affected people in this Lockdown were the migrant labour and workers. They had to move on foot to a long distance to go to their home.

Modi government said that all the amount will be distributed in several parts which will help the growth of Indian Economy and will helps the daily wages business man and migrant labour. He discussed the 5 Pillars of Self-Reliant India. These are as follows :

1. Economy
2. Infrastructure
3. System
4. Demography
5. Demand

Among these all the economy is the 1st priority. So he have started a great mission by announcing the package. The middle class people who was working as daily wages, the labours and the street hawkers will observe the benefits of these packages.

This package has motive to enhance the product which could made in India. He also conveyed that by this package relief the small business manager will resume their business again and make their products on their own.

Now every day the finance minister of India Nirmala Sitaraman is addressing the people of India with several funds. Few funds which has been released yet is providing 5 kg rice and 5 kg wheat per head to the migrant labour and workers' family. This will be distributed under the scheme of one nation one ration. Under this scheme the ration will be provided free of cost. Every day she is distributing the the funds in several fields which would lead to the growth of Indian Economy.

Also PM Modi addressed to be a vocal for our local. This campaign will be very responsible and reliable in enhancing the indian products. It will also encourage the Make in India movement.

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