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Is Coronavirus China's planned game to vandalize the World Economy.


Outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic caused an economic crash in all the countries with infected people due to increase in medical service requirements. Governments of countries are facing not only economic decline but also a huge loss of human lives. First COVID-19 patient was found in China, thus spreading of this disease is termed to be a virus named Coronavirus. Since its origin is China, nowadays it's referred to 'Chinese Virus'. Addressing Coronavirus as Chinese Virus is not accepted by Chinese Government; President of China Xi Jinping stated, "This virus is not spread willingly to cause trouble to any of the countries all around the world".

But many people have a credence that China planted Coronavirus into the World Economy and played the dirty game of fear Named COVID-19 to gain control. How come Corona never got spread to Beijing which is the capital of the People’s Republic of China. It is the world’s most populous capital city, with over 21 million residents. Was china controlling it where to spread and where to not? Why it didn't spread to places where high profile Chinese government stays, why it didn't affected any celeb, minister, politician, any renowned person in China. If we look at the stats of deaths due to Coronavirus we can conclude that, mostly the deaths that has happened which were accepted to be due to corona were not only due to corona but due to low or poor immune system or high morbidity rate among the people.

Also Global Share market crashed out of fear and major stock markets across the world suffered hefty losses without much impact on Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange. The whole world including major economy went into lockdown like India, USA, UK, Italy and people started panic buying the stocks of  which most companies use to import from China so sales of China increased 20-30 folds. China may have simply used this threat in order to hold back major growing and developing countries to enhance their economy and become a regional power.

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