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Spanish Flu taught us how to terminate Coronavirus in 1919! Let's learn from the past.


Since in the initial stages of people getting infected by COVID-19 disease, crucial measures weren't taken to stop this disease to spread amongst masses in China. Then led to a spreading of virus and it was named as CoronaVirus. This virus is spreading at such a rate that it is leading to a hefty loss of human resources and also a plenty of money; the greatest superpower countries like America, China, Italy are on a verge of facing a huge economic crisis. Outspread of Coronavirus took place in 2019; around a century ago in January 1918 an influenza pandemic was spread all around the world.

This influenza pandemic is known as 'Spanish flu' globally. It lasted from January 1918 to December 1920, it infected 500 million people (about a quarter of the world's population at the time). Coronavirus is spreading at a similar rate affecting 6.6 lacs people all around the world in just 4 months since it's outbreak. The 1918 Spanish Flu was the deadliest flu season people knew and there are no vaccines available till date. Similarly some scientists believe Coronavirus is yet another virus, but the spreading rate cannot be compared to any other; it's spreading rate and influence is nastiest amongst all. There are no vaccines for CoronaVirus too, also predictions are made that it will infect around 70% of total world population which is nearly 545 million people.

Incubation period for Spanish Flu was roughly 4-6 days and for Coronavirus is 2-14 days. Symptoms of either of both are nearly similar such as fever, cough, fatigue; but Coronavirus leads to shortness of breath whereas Flu caused body ache to almost all of the patients. Initial symptoms of COVID-19 typically are milder but develops gradually. The onset of flu symptoms is often sudden. 


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