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Janata Curfew



With the numbers affected with CoVID-19 soaring, the government of India took a drastic step to ensure a complete lockdown throughout the country today. India celebrated it’s first ever lockdown, aka Janta Curfew today from 07:00 AM to 09:00 PM.

People obliged to the government’s request and roads were found deserted, shops were seen shut throughout the country, however, exceptions were made to insure essential commodities are available to it’s citizens around the clock. To express gratitude to the medical fraternity for their selfless service towards the country in this crisis – people were seen clapping hands and ringing bells to celebrate indebtedness they owe to their doctors and nurses who continue to work and attend sick patients.


Amidst all this there was news that the number of patients infected in India has further risen to more than 350, with global experts all around the world, stating that a mere lockdown may not be enough to solve the problem. Proper sanitary measures which includes disinfecting surfaces, sterilizing hands, and proper disposal of tissues and wipes, along with social distancing is the need of the hour.

Though being the second most populous country in the world, India’s infection rate seems to be currently low as compared to other CoVID-19 infection hit countries. Relative stringent actions taken by the Indian government in screening people coming from abroad, suspending visas and shutting down border travels till an indefinite period of time may have proved fruitful in not it’s rapid spread throughout the country.

Continuous measures taken in raising awareness amongst it’s people through phone messages, caller tunes, news channels, radio announcements informing people of the various symptoms to lookout for, has proved to be a ginormous step taken by the government in keeping people updated.

Being a responsible citizen of the country, it is now needed to circulate messages/ articles from genuine websites, debunk fake health related messages – report them if necessary, limit unauthorized gatherings and follow proper hygiene.


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