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Isolation Wards

Indian Railways turn coaches to quarantine Isolation Wards


The government of India has not stepped back from helping India to thrive and fight against the infection that has grasped the whole world tight in it’s clutches. With undertaking of various stringent safety measures Indian government has also decided to turn it’s trains and stadiums into isolation wards with an aim of tackling the increasing number of CoVID-19 patients all around the country.

The recent surge in the total number of infected patients has forced Indian Railways to begin their work of modifying 20,000 carriages into medical facilities containing 16 beds each. Indian Railways released a confirmation that these carriages will support the care of a total number of 3,20,000 patients. Though being on national lockdown the rise in the number of infected patients has not stabilized yet, which acts as an increasing worry as Indian healthcare is not fully equipped with a large number of critical equipment like ventilators to deal with the fatal respiratory syndrome caused by the virus.

It has been decided that these coaches will house non-critical CoVID-19 patients and shall also be equipped to handle a large number of ailments ranging from treating cataracts, cleft lip, epilepsy, plastic surgeries, dental surgeries etc.

Indian Railways have appealed to identify and utilize the non-AC carriages that are no longer in use to turn them to quarantine isolation wards and keep them ready in case an emergency strikes. A gradual rise in the number of deaths caused by coronavirus, provoked health experts to request for an increase in the number of testings done daily in the country. India now aims to scale up their testing numbers a day to 1 lakh daily. It is now hoped that the lockdown and expansion in the testing procedures shall help in limiting the infection in the country to a controllable number.

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