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‘Until it is terminated universally we remain vulnerable here’. The who has a super important role to play in standing – Did defund at this time is the clean judgment


The US has the biggest figure of coronavirus cases and deaths worldwide - with more than 600,000 cases and 26,000 deaths.

Mr. Trump attacked the WHO of having displeased to satisfactorily evaluate the outbreak when it initially emerged in Wuhan, dropping precious time and had "failed in its basic duty". The United States pays for the highest portion of the WHO’s budget. Is it the right time to defund?

The United States has almost single-handedly funded the organization for years, granting nearly 10 times funding than China, and now they’re not receiving a satisfactory return on expenditure. The federal government's chief responsibility is to its own citizens — not to the WHO. And if the WHO is weakening that primary responsibility, then it’s time to pull the plug."But now is not that time."

As the coronavirus outbreak explores the foibles of the Trump administration’s hesitated response to the pandemic become increasingly clear, President Donald Trump has denied acknowledging his own impressions, instead of flinging blame on everyone from state governors to former President Barack Obama for his administration’s failure to act.

The president’s lambasting of the WHO, however, is weighted with hypocrisy, given Trump's own lack of action and past remarks on the pandemic. the Trump presidency failed to act and continued to downplay the virus even after the WHO had sounded the alarm and declared a public health emergency on January 30. The Times reports that 430,000 people traveled from China to the U.S. since coronavirus was first reported in China, including nearly 40,000 who arrived in the U.S. after Trump’s so-called “ban” was imposed. An analysis conducted by the Times analysis found that Trump's “travel measures, however effective, may have come too late to have ‘kept China out.’” Though Trump has explained his move as an essential approach that could have stopped countries around the world from having their own outbreaks, however, Trump’s travel restrictions weren’t actually the comprehensive, successful measures he claims.

Many critics of Trump's move say he's attempting to shift blame for problems in his administration's response to the coronavirus for political agenda.

Defunding the WHO is yet another instance of Trump’s signature move when he insisted on calling SARS-CoV-2 “the Chinese virus,” and for a few days, journalists and social-media scolds obediently modified their criticisms to fit his latest outrage. The move is simple. When Trump is ensnared in controversy, when he is being asked straightforward, damning questions, he says or does something outrageous to change the subject. It works every time. It is working now.




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