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Thousands joined in a religious parade in Kalaburagi – besides not highlighted by media is ‘GODI MEDIA’ the reason?


What lockdown? Videos from the fair show thousands of people pulling a chariot in the Siddalingeshwara fair in Karnataka. Chariot Pulling Ritual held in violation of lockdown with complete disregard for social distancing standards. The participants were seen standing shoulder-to-shoulder as they dragged the towering chariot. The fair was organized in Chittapur taluk of Kalaburagi district. This district had reported the first COVID-19 death in the country and was declared as the 'hotspot'.

Primary statements suggested that despite the enormous gathering, the police nor the district administration intervened. After the videos induced a storm on Twitter, the district police registered a case against the temple trust. The administration told permission had not been granted for the ceremony. They asked the temple to hold this ritual symbolically, with priests and trust arms present, and to avoid chariot pulling events. The chariot pulling was to take place on Thursday evening and the Siddalingeshwara Trust agreed to cancel it. But without notifying the taluk board, the chariot was pulled on Thursday at 6 am in the presence of many devotees. The local police and district administration remained mute spectators to the entire procedures. Wadi PSI is suspended as he should have assured that this kind of event did not occur as all the people are from the same village.

Before this on April 10, news agency ANI reported that a BJP MLA from Turuvekere M Jayaram celebrated his birthday with villagers in Gubbi taluk, Tumkur, even though nationwide lockdown was on. Not this one is highlighted too. But why?

The credible reason for this can be that Indian media and news channel is more than being an unbiased and real they are turned out to be the Godi media. Limiting the content, hiding truth, showing what politicians want is responsible for the deduction of reputation in the eyes of the citizens of the country.

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