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The Secrecy Of Award Lynching Of Seers In Palghar Is Baffling


3 people, including 2 sadhus and a driver, were murdered on April 16 in a small village in Maharashtra’s Palghar. The police did not do anything and, rather, one of them was seen handing over the 70-year old sadhu to the bloodthirsty mob. It was the most heart-rending scene that would bother anyone’s morals for a long time to come. The old man was desperately gripping the hand of the policeman but was mercilessly left to be beaten to death.

The two sadhus have been identified as Chikane Maharaj Kalpavrikshgiri (70) and Sushil Giri Maharaj (35) from the Varanasi-based Shri Panch Dashnam Juna Akhara. The third person Nilesh Telgane (35) was their driver. Juna Akhada has clarified these two sadhus and the driver was going to Gujarat to attend the last rites of their guru Shri Mahant Ramgiri.

Questioned is why the “Khan market gang”, Lutyens' Delhi's 'mombatti' (candle) gang — had been calm on these lynchings. Come any incident involving a member of the minority community and they form a harshness of noise to rise as the knights of humanity.

Politicians' inaction and silence have turned peaceful symbols like the cow into the root of senseless cruelty. Is it that those who were lynched were two sadhus that it does not matter to them? Not even a word of consolation for the sadhus who were on the way to attend the last rites of their guru in Gujarat. The government will need to do some explaining why it was silent till the news of the killing that happened on the 16th and the incident came to light on the 19th. Did the police not inform the headquarters and the media about the incident? Or, if the media was informed why did it keep silent till a video of the incident became viral on social media?

The Maharashtra government has suspended two police officers and arrested more than 100 people. A special investigation team has been set up as well. Hopefully, we will be able to reach the truth and the guilty will be punished.



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