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From CM to PM : The Greatest Influencer of India


Here is a leader who has both power and passion. We have seen political leaders who had visionary thinking and we have seen some leaders who had an eye for the details, but Narendra Modi can do both. While his eyes are focused on the stars his feet are firmly on the ground. From a Poor Chai Wala to the Prime Minister of the world's largest democratic country is not a Joke, That too against all odds from various quarters. A truly brave and victorious person.

I don't have to tell anything about his communication or oratory skills, Even his Opponents accepts that he is one of the best orators. Man of great Wisdom and knowledge: has an eye for details, great thinker, visionary, and Strategist. He makes people think and plan for the next 10–20 years, like Mr. Vajpayee and working on augmenting infrastructure and depleting resources, like, water, clean air, power, good connectivity, housing, health and food for all, Smart City, DMIC, Bullet Train, etc despite the fear of losing an election

He is determined towards his action. He doesn't act like other politicians he believes in action. His policy or decisions may not be right always but his intention is always right which gives him enough courage to take bold decisions.

He knows how to Connect with international leaders and make them agreed upon a command interest while maintaining a healthy relationship with other country leaders

Leadership and Management is an ever-evolving field and demands continuous learning. Modi is a keen learner. Despite his age and packed schedules, he is always observing and learning.

He Masters the art of grooming, he knows how to carry himself and look different from others.




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