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War against Coronavirus.

What happens when we attack our protectors in a war. Yes we lose the war.


In this ongoing fragile situations where the government is advising to stay in our home and avoid social gatherings, a lot of people are not taking the complete lockdown conditions implemented by the government in order to stop community spread in India. These people are gathering around socially whether it's a festival or a casual meet. But on 1st April, the reason for a huge wave of people leaving their houses and coming down the street is the worst for which people can gather around in current national condition. In Tatpatti Bakhal, Indore hundreds of people ran before a medical team (which was there to provide medical assistance) with stones in their hands and aggression in their minds.

In warlike situations what will be the condition of a nation when the soldiers are attacked by the civilians and the soldiers are unable to fight the war? Yes, the country is pushed towards the verge of losing the war by its own citizens. Similarly since this Coronavirus outbreak, our country is facing conditions resembling to a war in which Doctors are our soldiers who are fighting for us day and night to save our lives. A group of health officials involving the doctors was attacked in Tatpatti Bakhal, Indore after an elderly woman, suspected to have come in contact with a coronavirus disease patient, was asked to accompany the team to a hospital for diagnostic tests. Two female doctors suffered injuries. Luckily they managed to save themselves by hiding behind the jeep of a tehsildar.

A woman doctor said they were rescued by police personnel. "The moment we started enquiring about that particular person's health, people started protesting and later some of them hurled stones. We were saved by police personnel", she said. A case has been registered at Chhatripura police station. Facing such humiliating and violent situation can make a person depressed and they discontinue their service. But doctors being highly professional and their enthusiasm for serving people in need can never let them back away from their duties. Even after this stone pelting incident, the doctors are highly motivated and they will keep doing their job passionately



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