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Quarantine Period

10 skills that one can learn in this quarantine time.


If we see Quarantine Period in positive way then we could see that it has provided a better time to the person to learn and gather some skill.

Some skills that the person could learn in this time could be following :-

1. Now time everyone is having smartphone or laptop. He can use this time to learn the skills of a content creator. To learn this person can take the help of YouTube. On YouTube you can get video on each and every skill which you want to learn.

2.  Online trainings is more popular these days. A person who is persuing technical study, he could get this skill. Now days all the companies requirements are they require only trained employees. So now days fresher are not getting the jobs easily.

3. We can learn some another language by the help of YouTube and also many apps are available on Play Store which is able to teach language. This time could be used for reading some romantic or fictional novels which could have some feeling so that we can develop a feeling of humour in ourselves.

4. A student who is willing to do syllabus, he may go through his syllabus. They should read those lesson which is to be teach further by teacher so that he may easily able to get the points.

5. This is time for person that he may get some artistic knowledge like drawing.

6. If any person is having gym in their home then he could give time to their body as much as possible.

7. Cooking is also a best known skill. This is time for everyone to be a master chef. If any student or person who is living in hostel or alone somewhere, then this skill is much helpful for such type of people.

8. This is time to go through some spiritual and holy books so that we may be able to get the knowledge of our ancient India and follow the scriptures of Our Country.

9. People can enhance their vocabulary skill. This skill is much necessary in the present time because to get any job the person should have good talking skill.

10. One more skill i would suggest is improving handwriting. Either you are having good knowledge but if you are unable to represent them then your knowledge is useless.

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