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Quarantine Period

When UK PM get trapped inside Corona Pandemic.


Corona has started being very dangerous for each person in the world. It is affecting all the person who are not following social distancing theory or ignoring the sanitization for themselves. The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also been trapped in Corona pandemic. We can notice that corana doesn't even leaving the prime minister. So it is being suggested to you to stay in home and stay safe.

Although the UK PM Boris Johnson has tweeted by a short video that he would keep governing the country in this situation also by the video-confrence. He will keep himself isolated. He also conveyed a message to their people that we should follow social distancing and said that we together will fight against the virus.

Today by tweet he mentioned that i have started working from home. In every tweet he is asking their country's man to save the NHS. NHS stands for the National Health Services whichis publicly funded national healthcare.

He said that if too many people get affected at one time then NHS will be unable to cooperate the people. This situation will costs the lives of people. He said that we are trying to do our best so that we can save the lives of much more people. He suggested the people that if you know have value of life then stay at home and do your work from home. He mentioned that many people who are not following the rules they will have to pay fine to the police. The PM has alerted the police and provided them power so thatthe people may stay at home and the country could save more and more lives.

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