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Quarantine Period

India is in good stage as compare to other countries.


Currently the number of person affected with COVID-19 is 11600. The disease is being increasing day by day. With the suggestion of whole state government the lockdown period has been increased till 3 May.

Beside the rapidly increasing no. of COVID-19 patients India is at its better position as compared to another countries. In all other countries the curing rate is very low as compared to the rate of people being affecting.

The growth rate of COVID-19 patients in some of the countries are as follow :-

U.S. - 18.2%
ITALY - 17.6%
INDIA - 13.4%
JAPAN - 11.4%

The reason behind it is the systamatic way in which the country worked toward the Pandemic. Corona arrived in India very late as compared to another countries. Seeing the increment rate of COVID-19 India Initially decided to lockdown the country and they took this action rapidly. Moreover the people, police, doctor, nurses and many more people supported the decision and helped the government from their side. As people were introduced to stay in home and follow lockdown, they folled it seriously and the lockdown become somehow successful. Although the disease is still available in country and there are about 12000 patients are there which are getting treatment by the very qualified doctors and they are getting recovered of the disease.

Beside this information, the suggest you all to stay in home and follow the lockdown rule.

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