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This decision made by USA has shocked Indian IT companies and technology professionals.


Due to the ongoing situations in the USA created by the pandemic Coronavirus, America is facing an ongoing economic crisis. This may lead to a decline in the number of jobs which are going to be offered to the IT professionals. The reason behind this declination of jobs in IT sector is that, it requires a huge amount of money to progress through the technological department and also to maintain it. Indian IT and technology professionals are going to be highly affected because most of the Indian graduated IT professionals immigrate to America for jobs. But now, President of America shook the Indian masses by making a decision of suspending immigration to the US.

US President Donald Trump tweeted on Monday that he will sign an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration in view of the Covid-19 pandemic and to protect American job. It has shocked Indian IT companies and technology professionals, as they are anxiously awaiting how the restrictions will pan out. New York-based immigration lawyer Cyrus D Mehta explained its likely impact in an interview. Going by the experience of the earlier travel ban executive order, people with permanent residence status or green cards who are outside the US should be able to come back in. It would be unconstitutional to block their entry into the US. People already in the US on a non-immigrant status will likely not be impacted unless they travel abroad and may also be able to extend and change status while in the US.

Though details of the executive order are awaited, the IT industry is not likely to be affected much in the near term, given that mobility is already restricted. However, any sweeping change in regulations could affect moving human resources from India to the US over the medium term, according to industry sources. On April 14, the US had allowed applicants for H-1B visas to continue in the country, helping thousands of Indian professionals stranded due to the coronavirus pandemic. The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant document that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in speciality occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise. The technology companies depend on it to hire tens of thousands of employees each year from countries like India and China.

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