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Friendship of India and US will give India a super power in next 10 year.


It is known to all that America is the most Super Powerful Country in the world. Superpower countries are those countries which are having best military, technology and economic strength on the Global scale.

Sometime few country attacks on the other countries to prove that they are super in military, some of country fights for technology. The main reason is only to become superpower in the world.

Some days before India has sent Hydroxychloroquine to USA which is medicine of Coronavirus. 

By seeing the helping nature of India US also did some activities that show their friendship :-

- US extends H-1B visa of India.
- US FDA clears some indian Pharma manufacturing plants.
- US allows scale of missile torpedoes cost $155 Mn to India.
- US approves 10 Boeing 10 AGM-84L Harpoon Block II & 16 Raytheon MK54 Torpedoe.

This friendship between US and India is increasing bday by day and the supporting nature of both countries to each other could make India a Superpower country in few years.

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