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WHO praises Modi on steps taken to extend lockdown


The World Health Organisation (WHO) today praised the Narendra Modi government's "timely and tough" decision to extend the coronavirus lockdown across India to another three weeks till May 3. "The discipline and spirit of service you have displayed during this period is unprecedented," said Modi of the difficulties faced by many during the unprecedented country-wide restrictions. Prime Minister efforts of people’s first rather than economy first have proved to be a huge success factor for the Prime Minister Modi and the people of the country. The support for the Prime Minister is huge in the country and also people say timely decision and pro-active approach by the government have made people of country to fight with the deadly pandemic and making the country position stronger in terms of fighting the virus. Till now around 10,000 people are affected from the virus out of which many have also recovered from the same.

"Today, when millions of people are inside their homes, some of us might wonder how will the people fight this battle against coronavirus alone ... But please remember, none of us are alone. The strength of 1.3 billion Indians is with and every one of us," the Prime Minister added. She said that despite huge and multiple challenges, India has been demonstrating unwavering commitment in its fight against the pandemic. "In these testing times, the action lies as much with the communities as with the authorities and the health workforce. It is indeed time for each and every one to contribute their best and together beat the virus," the WHO official said. WHO executive director J Ryan had earlier praised India's tremendous capacity in fighting corona saying that it led the world in eradicating two pandemics -- small-pox and polio. While announcing his decision to extend the 21-day lockdown till May 3, PM Modi said that when compared to other Covid affected big countries, India is now in a better position. Prime Minister lock down decision which is also reviewed by Oxford University rated the Prime Minster of India decision as 100

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