Amazon Luna – Cloud Gaming Service by Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest company which provides lots of services to the users. Some of its popular services are Amazon Music, Alexa, Audible, Amazon Videos, Amazon Web Services(AWS) and so on.

Recently they launched their own cloud gaming service called Amazon Luna.

What is Amazon Luna ???

Amazon Luna is a new cloud based gaming service by Amazon which is currently available in United States (US) only. It support all types of devices which you are currently using. Like your Smart TV, Laptop, Desktop and even your smartphone too.

The main feature of the cloud gaming is that you don’t need any console at your home to play the games and don’t have to wait too long for the games to download. In fact there is no need of downloading the game while cloud gaming.

To start playing the games you just need high speed internet connection and a Luna Controller. Once you have these things you can start playing games on any device. It is available on PC, Mac, Fire TV, and also web apps for iPhone and iPad.

Features of Amazon Luna :-

  • Supported Devices – The main feature or say advantage of cloud gaming services like Amazon Luna is that they supported many devices. You can start playing games through your Luna Controller in your PC, Mac, Fire TV and also smartphones.
  • No Downloads Needed– If you are playing games through cloud gaming, then this is the another important feature of it. You don’t have to download any games in your devices by taking hours. You can simple choose the game you want to play and start playing it.
  • 4k Gaming – If you have a display which supports 4K, then you can play games in 4K without any difficulty. And if you have luna+ channel subscription then you can stream on 2 devices at a time.
  • Alexa Support – You can use Alexa through your controller and giver her commands to open the games you want to play. You can simply say “Alexa, play GRID.” after pressing the Alexa button in the controller.

Requirement to play on Luna :-

To start playing your favorite game on Luna check the below device requirements either you can play it on you device or not. Your device must be according to these requirement for you to start playing on Luna.

Device requirement :-

  • PC (Windows 10 with support of DirectX 11)
  • Mac (OSX 10.12+)
  • FireTV (Fire TV Stick – 2nd gen, Fire TV Stick 4K, or Fire TV Cube – 2nd gen)

Web Browser requirement :-

  • Chrome web browser (version 83+) for PC and Mac
  • Safari web browser (iOS14) for iPhone and iPad

If you are thinking of playing games on Luna it will cost you around $5.99/month for Luna+. And you also have to buy Luna Controller which cost you $49.99. But Currently Amazon Luna is available in US only. If you are in US then you can fill this form and apply for it.

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