Apple Hits $2 Trillion

Apple Hits $2 Trillion
Apple Hits $2 Trillion

On Wednesday Apple became the first U.S company to hit $2 Trillion. Not U.S only but in the whole world also it became the very first company to hit that milestone.

According to the reports for Apple it took around 42 years to reach the milestone of $1 Trillion in value. But to reach $2 Trillion which it react recently only additional 2 more years.

They passed Saudi Arabian company “Saudi Arabian Oil Co” also known as Saudi Aramco which is basically a oil company, supplies oil around the world. The value of Saudi Aramco is still $1.76 trillion where as apple recently hit $2 trillion.

So now Apple is on no 1 and Saudi Aramco is on no 2.

Apple was $1 Trillion worth of value in 2018 and now in 2020 it is $2 trillion, if it goes in the same way in next 2 years it will be worth of $4 trillion which is a lot in reality.

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And also few days ago Apple CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Tim Cook became billionaire after many years of being CEO of Apple. But he is somehow different, that is because he didn’t founded the company. He joined Apple later own, but since then he has been working very hard for Apple Inc.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

In a call with Apple CEO Mr. Cook said, “We do not have a zero-sum approach to prosperity.” And then he also added, “We are focused on growing the pie, making sure our success isn’t just our success and that everything we make, build or do is geared toward creating opportunities for others.”

And last week Apple removed Fortnite, one of the most popular game in the world for violating its policy, which later on resulted as lawsuit to Apple by Epic Games. The lawsuit was of around 65 pages and included many things in it.



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