Apple Rejected Facebook 30% Cut Update for Tax

Apple Rejected Facebook 30% Cut Update for Tax
Apple Rejected Facebook 30% Cut Update for Tax

After the Apple banned Fortnite from it’s App Store, many things have came out and many are on it’s way. We all know that just about a week ago, Apple removed Epic Games “Fortnite” from it’s App Store.

After that ban by Apple, Epic Games lawsuit with a long list of things that the company had done, that they had suffered from. Few days ago, there was a doubt that Apple could banned Epic Games game engine “Unreal Engine”. But the court ordered not to do as, cause many small and big developers also uses Unreal Engine to develop their game not only Epic Games.

Now, Apple disabled Facebook option to update their app, due to a small line of text on the app. Apple said “you can’t do that, you can’t tell users that we take 30% it goes against our privacy” & disabled the option to update the app.

They said that the update violates the App Store rule and the developers aren’t allowed to show “irrelevant” information to the users. Facebook asked them to waive this fee, so that all the revenue could go to the event organizer than the 30% to the Apple. But unfortunately Apple refused the request from Facebook.

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However the event feature is now available in the app, but without the message which contains “Apple takes 30% of this purchase”

The message on Android is like “Facebook doesn’t take a fee from this purchase” but one the other hand in iOS it is different which we can see on the above picture.

In a statement to Reuters, Facebook said that “now more than ever, Facebook should have the option to help users understand where does the money they intend for small businesses goes to ”.

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So, this was today tech news about Facebook update which was unfortunately not allowed, now a days Apple is being more strict day by day about it’s policies and “User Privacy”. How interesting was this news for you, let us know in the comments below.


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