Apple’s A14X Will Battle Intel Core i9

Apple's A14X Will Battle Intel Core i9-9880H
Apple's A14X Will Battle Intel Core i9-9880H

The A14X Bionic chip is on the pair with Intel Core i9. It’s so powerful that since 2018 it has been on the pair with Intel chip and soon might replace them also.

A14X performance extrapolated from leaked/suspected A14 info + average performance gains from previous X chips. Puts it around 7480 in Geekbench 5, nearly on par with an i9 9880H. This thing could be insane Exploding head.

Check the below tweet by Luke Miani.

You can see the performance of the A14X chip with other chips from Apple like A8, A8X, A9, A9X, A10, A10X, A12, A12X and then finally A14.

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A12X Bionic chips was too powerful and we are also hoping the same with A14X Bionic chip to be more powerful than that. But this is only the expectation, officially Apple hasn’t announced anything about it.

And A14X will not be in a Mac, there will be different branding of A14X for Mac. Likely will be based on the A14X with slightly higher clocks and marginal performance gains.



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