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Hey do you also want to do freelancing and start earning money by working from your home. Then today we are going to show you one of the best freelancing site.

What is Freelancing ?

Freelancing means working for own not for any company. Working independently not working under any company. In freelancing freelancer takes works from employers and work for them for certain period of time. And then start working for someone else after their job is finished.

This site is based on my experience. If you are a beginner and never done freelancing before anywhere then today we gonna help you. You need good or average skill to get jobs from the clients.


The site today I am talking about is Truelancer. Truelance is an online freelancing platform, which helps both Employers and Freelancers across the world. Helps Employers to their work done and help Freelancers to get work easily from real clients.

It’s easy to join Truelancer and start working there and earn money. Click Here and you will be redirected to their signup page. First signup as freelancer there. You can signup using Facebook, Gmail, Linkedin and also using your email account.

Freelancing site Truelancer Signup Page - NewsKaAdda
Truelancer Signup Page

After signup fill all the information related to you which comes after the signup page. Fill detailed information and correct information also.

Note: You can only have one Truelancer account per person. If Truelancer finds more than 1 account then all of your accounts will get banned without any notice also.

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After you signup, go to your dashboard. In the left side of the dashboard you can see many buttons like My Workstreams, My Contest, My Services. Profile views and so on.

In the navigation bar you can see many options like Contest, Buy Services, Find Jobs and Find Freelancers.

Now to apply for jobs click on Find Jobs and Browse Jobs. Now you will see many jobs posted by employers here. Click on any job you want to work on and apply for it. You can also search for jobs by categories.

Truelancer Find Jobs - NewsKaAdda
Truelancer Find Jobs

Note: Truelancer takes 10% from your one completed job. Like if you worked for a client and earned $100 then Truelancer will take $10 as a service charge which is fair also.

To withdraw your earnings there are 3 days which are :-

  • Payoneer Global Bank Transfer ( provides local bank transfer in 200+ Countries )
  • Payoneer Account
  • Paypal

Note: The minimum amount to withdraw is $10. You can’t withdraw less than $10.

So interested in working from your home today in Truelancer, then what are you waiting for you.

Join Truelancer Now