Best Online Shopping Sites in India 2022

Best Online Shopping Sites in India 2022

Everyday world is changing and also needs, demands of people are also changing. Many years ago people used to be happy with what they have, but now they want everything. Everything changes with time, and should change also. People thinking, their needs and desires, way of living, comfortness and so on.

Few years ago people used to go to shop to buy things. But no they don’t bother visiting shops for small things or big things. Nowadays people prefer buying things online no matter what product they are buying. Not everyone loves to buy things online due to many reasons, but most of the people like buying things online. There are many advantages of online shopping, but we know everything has its own advantage and disadvantages.

Some time online shopping can cost you lots of things, but not all the time. You might become victim of scam during online shopping, unless you buy from the online shopping sites we have mentioned below. But before buying anything online from any websites, its your own responsibility to verify them.

Online Shopping Sites in India

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Myntra
  • Snapdeal

1. Amazon

Amazon - Online Shopping Sites in India

When it comes to online shopping in India, Amazon is the first things which comes in the mind of most of the indian peoples. It is the biggest online shopping platform in the whole world. And in the same way, it is also most popular site across the country. In June 2013, Amazon came to India and grown so rapidly.

Amazon offers wide ranges of products. Amazon has taken lead in consumers electronic, groceries, smart phones and much more. You can buy almost anything in their website. And the best part about them is the quality of the products they provide and timely delivery of the products. Every year when the season of festival arrives they offers huge discounts in their products.

There are other many reason for being one of the most popular online shopping site in India for Amazon. Not only e-commerce, Amazon provides other different varieties of many services to the people. Like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Prime Music, Gaming services (Amazon Luna), Audio Books and much more.

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2. Flipkart

Flipkart - Online Shopping Sites in India

Another one of the popular and everyone’s choice for online shopping in India is Flipkart. It was started from October 2007 and since then has been growing and expanding day by day. It first Flipkart was mainly focused on selling books just like Amazon was when it was founded. Amazon and Flipkart are the main shopping portal in India. They hold majority of the shares in online shopping.

Flipkart also owns mobile payment services PhonePe just like Amazon has Amazon Pay. If you go to Flipkart then you can see lots of products from various categories. You can buy clothes, groceries, smart phones, t.v and many more products. They provide quality products.

You can check the reviews by the customers in their websites. Most of their products have thousands of reviews from genuine users. They offer products in very cheap price compared to other shopping sites provides in India. Both Amazon and Flipkart are the rival in the online shopping in India. Like Amazon comes with Great Indian Festival every year, in the same way Flipkart comes with The Big Billion Days every year in at the festival seasons.

3. Myntra

If anyone wants to buy clothes or cosmetic products online in India, then everyone goes to Myntra. It is one of the most popular e-commerce site in India for shopping clothes and cosmetic products online. Myntra started in 2007 just like Flipkart. Since then they have been providing their services all over the India.

They provide quality clothes to the customers. Recently they made Bhuvan Bam as their brand ambassadors, how ever they already have many celebrities in the list to promote their products. Day by day they are growing and expanding all over India where they are not available at the moment. Myntra is claimed to be the best online portal with the biggest range of fashion products.

4. Snapdeal

Snapdeal has been providing its services since 2010 as a daily deal platform. It is mainly known for the deals it brings everyday. Snapdeal has more than 100M+ users in its platform. Its headquarter is located in New Delhi, India.

You can buy products from all categories in Snapdeal. You can buy Smartphones, TV, Clothes, Gadgets, Home appliances, Groceries items way cheaper than other online shopping platforms in India. You can shop for your favourite Indian products in Snapdeals although it is not as big as Amazon and Flipkart but many people prefer shopping from Snapdeal.

It is very easy to find the products in Snapdeal and buy them. You will get the items delivered to your home within few days of the order given. They also have Refund service and you can buy through many payment systems.

5. Paytm Mall

Another popular and best online shopping site in India, Paytm Mall. It is the product of Paytm (popular payment system in India). Paytm Mall was founded in 2016 after 4 years of Paytm founded.

They offer wide range of products like mobile phones of various brands, electronics, bags, shoes, clothing for mens and women and much more. They also offer huge discounts in their products. You can easily pay for the products you buy using their own payment system which is Paytm. They provide  100% Authentic products.

If you are not satisfied with their products then you can also fund those products. You can also become seller in their website and start selling your products if you want to sell something. You can also buy Cars, Bikes online from their website in affordable price. To buy products from them, simply go to their website, choose the product you want, click on buy, pay the amount and you will get the product delivered at your home within few days.


So these were some of the popular and best online shopping sites in India for 2022. If you know any other shopping site which you think should be in the list, then let us know in the comment section below.