Fortnite Installed iPhones getting sold for $10,000


After Apple banned Fortnite from it’s App Store few days ago. Fortnite lovers are too worried about it and what will happen if Fortnite will be banned permanently on App Store.

Recently it is see on eBay some users selling their iPhone X and other iPhone with “Fortnite” installed on it. And more interesting point is that those iPhones are actually getting bid from people.

Price as high as $10,000.

But if you are planning to buy those iPhones then it’s just waste of your money. Nobody know what will happen in future. If Fortnite didn’t get unbanned then after sometime your game will stop working as it will not receive any update. And if you buy the iPhone and the very next day Fortnite get’s unbanned then also just waste of your money.

If you already had Fortnite in your iPhone then you can play it now until next update from Epic Games. Apple has no way to remove the app from your iPhone.

Apple banned Fortnite from it’s App Store

But in case of Android you can install Fortnite from other may store and also from the Epic Games official website. Download their apk file and start running from it.

If you don’t have Fortnite in your iPhone and want to play it, there are lots of other options to play Fortnite. You can play it on PC, Android , XBox and PlayStation 4 also.

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These things like high price of products always happens on eBay. If you go and search for “fortnite iphone” then you will see more than hundreds of listing og iPhone with Fortnite installed on them. All of them are way high price than their actual price.