Google Officially Released Web Stories Plugin

Google officially released web stories plugin for WordPress few days ago. Web stories are rolling around the whole world in Google Search Results. This plugin help WordPress users to create stories in Google Web Stories formant. Previously the plugin was available in Github as beta but now it is available in WordPress Plugin Repository.

What are Web Stories ?

Web Stories are very similar to the stories that we see on Instagram or Facebook but not exactly like them. Web Stories are created to attract the users and are linked to a specific articles. They appear in search results in Google however the stories we see in Instagram or Facebook don’t.

Basically web stories are visual storytelling format which are used to attract the users and are linked to a articles. And they provides users full-screen experience.

Web Stories appear in the following places :-

  • Search Result
  • Google Images
  • Discover
  • Google App
Web Stories Single Result NewsKaAdda
Web Stories on Google Search – Image by Google
Web Stories
Web Stories
Developer: Google
Price: Free

The Web Stories plugin for WordPress provides users a drag and drop interface to create those stories. The first version of the plugin version 1.0 is now available to download directly from WordPress Plugin Repository.

The plugin has many features in it which are officially provided by Google. There are many pre made templates in the plugin which you can use and edit them and create own. You can also use images from Unsplash and also videos from Coverr for free within the plugin.

Currently the plugin has more than 10,000+ active installations and has 5 star rating from around 8 reviews among which one is mine too. It’s very easy to install and start using this plugin. If you are planning to use it from Mobile then it is very difficult cause it has drag and drop interface and it is difficult to use it in mobile.

Free Templates by Google in Web Stories Plugin

How to show Web Stories on Google?

Before you can start showing your web stories on the Google search results and other places where they appear. There are few criteria set by Google which you must meet before they appear on the Google search. If these criteria are met then only your stories can appear on Google otherwise they won’t appear.

If all the criteria set by Google are met by the publishers are met then only they are shown to the users. Your web stories must be complete (should provide complete information to the user), you should use one link per page, video should be less than 60 seconds per page and etc.

The font size should be of 24px and each web stories should not exceed 200 characters, publisher are limited to this or they won’t be able to show them on search results.

You can check demo of the Web Stories from here :- Web Stories

Web Stories Plugin Requirement

To run the web stories plugin in your WordPress blog your blog must meet this requirement. If these requirements are met then only you can install and start using the plugin in your blog.

  • Minimum WordPress version of 5.3.1
  • Minimum PHP version of 5.6

To know more about the Web Stories you can check this Guides by Google. Enable Web Stories in Google Search

What are Web Stories ?

Web stories are visual storytelling format which are used to attract the users and are linked to a articles. Web Stories appear in Google Search Result, Google Images, Discover, and the Google app.

What are requirements for web stories to appear in search results ?

Publishers should meet few criteria set by Google for their web stories to appear in search results. Once these criteria are met by the publisher then only their stories can appear in search results.

What are the features of Web Stories plugin ?

Users can create short stories which describe their content. They can use free images from Unsplash and free videos from Coverr within the plugin.

How to monetize web stories ?

You can monetize web stories by using affiliate links in stories. You are limited to use one link per page.

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