Google “Verified Calls” Coming to non-Pixel devices 📱


Recently about a week ago, Google’s Phone app was available to non-Pixel devices also. This is the official phone app by Google. Previously it was available on Pixel(Smartphones developed by Google) devices only. But recently many people are able to install the app on their phones to.

On August 11 XDA-Developers reported the news, that they were able to install the official phone app by Google on few of the non-Pixel devices also.

The app has more than 100M+ downloads and 3.9 starts of rating with 230K+ reviews on Google Play Store. First the app was launched by Google on 7 Dec 2015. And today after 5 years of launched it is available to non-Pixel devices too.

Verified Call

Google Verified Call
Image by Google

Hey now we know that the Google Phone app is coming to most of the non-Pixel Android devices. But soon it will be also capable of verified call function to non-Pixel devices.

Verified call is one of the most popular function of the Phone app besides it’s other features. Whenever a call comes from any business organization or un-know number, it will show from which company the call is coming from & also tell if the company is ligimit or spam one.

For the verified call, Google verifies the number from those companies then only they get those verified badge. Check more about the verified calls click here.

[appbox googleplay]

Features of Phone App

1. Spam Protection

The app helps you from spam call. Every time you get spam calls, you will get the alert about the call is spam or have been reported many time by other people related to spam.

2. Who is calling

You can easily know who is calling you. Not only the contact numbers saved in your contact list, if any un-know person calls you, then also you can know their number. When you get call you will see their number in the screen

3. Nearby places

You can search nearby place from the app itself. If you want to call any restaurant, medical, stationery near you, you can simply type their name. And then their number will be shown in the screen and you can call them from there.

4. Dark mode

Dark mode is one of the most popular feature used by many apps these days. Like other apps, Google’s phones app also has dark mode feature. You can easily switch to dark mode for different look.

Note: Currently the app is not available to all the Android devices. It is only available to limited Android devices. But soon it might me available to most of the Android devices. The phone app is available to most of the devices running Android™ 7.0 and above.

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Hey we have similar type of app for you, if your Android device doesn’t support the Phone app. This app is similar to Googles Phone app. It has same features as Google Phone app has got. Just different is that this one has paid version with many features and has ads but Googles Phone app is free and ads free.

This app has got more downloads and rating than that of Phone app. It has more than 500M+ downloads and has star rating of 4.4 with 13M+ reviews. You can download the app from link below.

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