How to Make Money Online in India for Students

Looking for way to make money online in India. Then today you are at the right place, we are going to show you few of the best ways to start working from home on the internet. You can earn as much as you want, as per the skills you have and your hard working. These ways of making money can help you earn hundreds of $ every single day.

At the beginning you might feel boring or this isn’t gonna work, but once you will start earning from these ways you will keep doing it. You can start working with zero investment by using the things and skills you have now.

Ways to Make Money Online in India

  1. Start Freelancing
  2. Start YouTube channel
  3. Make Money from Blogging
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Make Money from Facebook, Instagram

1. Start Freelancing

Start Freelancing

Freelancing means working for own not for any company. Working independently not working under any company. In freelancing freelancer takes works from employers and work for them for certain period of time. And then start working for someone else after their job is finished.

Freelancing is one of the best way to earn money online. Many people are making their living just by doing freelancing since many years. Nowadays there are thousands of website from which you can start doing freelancing and get your clients. If you have good programming knowledge, can write good articles on any topic or on a particular topics, can design good logo and other different skills. Then you can start freelancing right away and start earning money from there.

At first your might not get any work, but you need to be patient. And don’t start doing freelancing in websites where there is already too much competition like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour. You can start doing it from websites like Truelancer which is very easy to use and you can easily get jobs in this websites.

2. Start YouTube channel

YouTube is 2 most visited website just after Google. And every single second thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube, and everyday YouTube get 5 billion views. It’s a billion dollar company, which has visitors from almost all country. It was founded in 2005 and has been popular since it’s starting.

Many people are making millions from their YouTube channel if you don’t know. It’s not any easy way to earn but not that hard also to start making money from YouTube. To start making money from your YouTube channel you need to be patient. Today there are thousands of creators on YouTube who had worked hard and now have subscribers in millions.

You just need to make good videos which can attract views from which you can make money. From YouTube also there are many ways to earn money not just by showing Ads between your video. You can earn money by paid promotion, promoting your affiliate links from video description.

3. Make Money from Blogging

Start Blogging
Image by Ary setyobudi from Pixabay

Blogging is the best way to make money online if you are good at writing about any particular topic. If you are good at writing then there are two ways for you to earn money; write for other or write for own. If you write for other then you will get fixed money quickly but if you write for yourself then you can as much as your content is seen by users.

You can earn unexpected money from blogging. You can start a blog on any niche you like and think that you can write on that topic. For e.g start blog on health tips, on books reviews, movie reviews, technology blog, mobile review blog, place review blog, or anything you like you can start. Like other online earning ways, for blogging also you need to be patient.

But to start blogging you need to invest few money, maybe around $30+ per year if you buy hosting from good company. If you are looking for free, then you can go with Blogger (product from Google) but I won’t recommend that to you if you can invest some money. Once you have a blog there are many ways to earn from it. You can use different ad networks to show ads in it and earn from there. Alternatively you can also promote product and include your affiliate links and earn from there, you can also earn from sponsored post, providing backlinks to other and much more.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing
Image Source :- Picpedia

One of the best and most used way to earn money online is affiliate marketing. You can earn as much as you want from affiliate marketing, there is no limit in earning from affiliate marketing. You can generate a passive income by doing affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing simply means promoting someone’s product by using own effort and earning commission from there. You apply as a affiliate, and start promoting it and whenever there is a sale from you, you will earn commission from that sale.

You can start doing affiliate marketing everywhere, like if you have a blog then you can start promoting products there, you can promote products in YouTube channel, through your social media account and much more. If you want more success and more sales then you can try advertising those products by running ads through Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other many platforms.

You can join many affiliate networks like CJ, ShareASale, ClickBank & so on if you want to promote products from different companies of different categories. If you want to promote products from specific company and want to promote specific products then you can join affiliate program of those companies whose product you want to promote. Like Amazon Associates, Bluehost affiliate program, Namecheap affiliate program etc.

5. Make Money from Facebook, Instagram

Make Money from Facebook, Instagram

There are lots of ways to earn from social medias like Facebook and Instagram. There is actually no limit on how much you can make through these social medias. Everyday millions of people around the world use these social medias for different purposes, and you can earn from those users.

Many people on Facebook and Instagram are making thousands of rupees just by their one single post. The way to earn in Instagram is limited and are through 3rd parties other than the Facebook itself. But there are many ways to earn from Facebook. You can start your own page in Facebook and start promoting products with your affiliate links. You can paid post of someone’s business if they are willing to do so, can upload videos and monetize those video and earn from there. Paid event’s can be hosted in Facebook. If you are a streamer, you can stream and earn through donations in live streams.

You can make hundreds of $ every single day by the help of Facebook if you do in the right way. If you start doing things in wrong way then you might not earn a single $ from there also. You need to have patient to earn money online. If you have patient and you are willing to work online then only you will earn good amount of money in short time.


So these were few of the ways to make money online in India. These are not the only ways to make money there are other many ways you can earn online. Which way do you like the most from the above mentioned ways, let us know in the comment section below.

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