Huawei HarmonyOS phone next year
Huawei HarmonyOS phone next year

In 2019, U.S banned Huawei phones in the country due to many reasons. Due to that Huawei was also unable to do business activities with Google and use Android OS in their mobile phones. In May 2019, Google suspended Huawei Android license.

After that banned by the U.S Commerce Department to Huawei, they had made many phones and has more than 500 Millions users worldwide. They are restricted to use the Google Mobile Services(GMS) too.

Richard Yu the CEO of Huaweis consumer business group ,in 2019 said that HarmonyOS is “completely different from Android and iOS” because of its ability to scale across different kinds of devices. “You can develop your apps once, then flexibly deploy them across a range of different devices,” .


In August 9, 2019 Huawei announced their new operating system mainly for mobile phones. The operating system is being developed to replace one of the most popular OS Android.

HarmonyOS will be using something called HMS(Huawei Mobile Services) which is similar to GMS(Google Mobile Services). Huawei has also developed a store like Google Play which is AppGallery.

Richard Yu, recently said that in 2021 they will start shipping smart phones with HarmonyOS. He added that HarmonyOS will become worldwide platform.

HarmonyOS will be also able to run Android apps, but not clear how much efficient will it be. But there may be few problems that it may not run Android app like in Android phones in HarmonyOS.

Huawei has been developing one of the best camera in smartphones. Huawei P30 Pro is one of the most popular phone with one of the best camera in smartphone ever.

Huawei SmartPhones

P30 Pro is one of the most sold smartphone by Huawei due to its many features which won the millions of users heart. Now a days the company is more focused on developing flagship smart phones rather than making budget phones. And also they are using 5G in their new developing phones.

Size of P30 Pro :-

73.4 mm158.0 mm8.41 mmApprox. 192 g (including the battery)
Source :-P30 Pro Specification
Image by Huawei



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