Out of job? Amul has got you covered with this amazing business opportunity!


The covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on us in many ways, for some it is health, for some, it is their mental state, but for most, it is the financial aspect. Several businesses have shut down due to continued losses as the pandemic celebrates its anniversary, while several others have decided to cut down on their resources, the most important being the human resource. Both of the situations have led to one thing: unemployment among the masses.

As unemployment widens, more and more people are scared about their lack of job security and hence are focusing on utilizing their savings towards opening their own businesses.

Amul, the dairy grand, has continued to present great business opportunity in front of the public. The brand is offering its franchises all across India.

Starting at just Rs. 2,00,000, it can turn out to be a very profitable business if executed successfully. Of course, like every business, it has its own set of risks and factors.

The best thing is that these franchises do not owe a profit-sharing ratio or amount of royalty to the brand even when the initial cost of setting up a franchise is so low.

There are several types of franchise options to choose from, ranging from kiosks and outlets to railway outlets and ice-cream parlors. The cost for each of them varies and so do the eligibility criteria.

Amul has its own payment criteria for such products wherein the franchises are paid a commission for every product sold. Depending on the product, it can vary from 2.5% to a straight 50% of the MRP for the said product.

To apply for the franchise and to gather more information, you can check out this link: https://amul.com/m/amul-scooping-parlours or simply drop an email at retail@amul.coop


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