RBL Bank, formerly also known and renowned as Ratnakar Bank, Ratnakar Bank was established in 1943 with its headquarters in Mumbai,

RBL-BANK is one of India’s fastest-growing private sectors. Which has been acquiring the topmost position after tackling tons of hurdles in his way to become better and better every day, to providing a high-quality service to his reliant customers and RBL remarkably lives up to their expectations.


Few years back RBL Bank got into trouble when it was reprimanded because of its passion for growth before putting in place the required risk management & credit appraisal practices. 

And the rapid expeditious flourishment of RBL BANK at lending institutions, which slouch to be accompanied due to decremented of its asset quality since 2010, so the rate of interest has grown from around ₹1,100 crores and end to ₹63,000 crores, & the deposition of the portfolio, from ₹ 1,900 crores to approx ₹

The capitals are also has raised from ₹380 crore to ₹ 12,000 crores but some of the loans have turned sour, and the expansion in unsafe loans made the regulator cautions

While RBL was on the edge of coping with its own dilemma of asset quality, the destruction of the pandemic happened, and just like all the private as well as govt. sectors of the RBL Bank also got affected somewhere.

People started to withdraw their shares, and many shareholders got worried about their decision due to increasing the tightness of shoes.


After all this chaos, Mr. Ahuja came up with the new strategies, and the very first step on this journey of achieving the place where the bank wanted to be.

It was a reconciliation with The Nutrichoice to interpolate with the EUC. RBI illuminated that RBL Bank has successfully achieved a well-capitalised & achieved a strong and stable position.

[ And finally RBI released a press note stating everything is OK with RBL Bank ]

RBI asked depositors & other stakeholders not to be distraught by speculative reports that the bank’s financial health remains stable.

Now for 2022, RBL Bank is a digital leader within India with a rapidly enhancing credit card offering. Instantly scales capacity for key customers to support and credibility increase from 16,000 to 68,000-75,000 transactions per day.


  • The management always prefer the customers first and in the journey of enhancing this quality more they perform several practices on the ground level.
  • Applications and databases run 5 times faster and database administration is 95% more efficient, helping the bank to achieve a time to market for new services in just an hour despite taking so many days.
  • Call center applications & databases are now run six times faster by login times reduced from 150 seconds to 40 seconds enabling staff members to deliver a better quality of service and attend to more customers. The call centers  5,500 plus staff could spend more than 180 hrs extra each day working with customers, cross-selling & upselling the duties.
  • The improvements led to a 99.9% reduction in service       tickets around End-User Computing applications .
  • To prevent call centers from being submerged and       customers waiting for very long periods, the IT teams were capable of quickly scaling the call centers application to support the increased workloads.


In 2022, RBL BANK is one of the smartest and Safest options for investment purposes as well as for being an account holder, in both of the scenarios RBL will provide you great interests, services, and stock market boost. Numerous giant MNCs and business persons eagerly looking towards RBL BANK. It’s your time to be a part of it.