Tesla Dating App - Only for Tesla Owners
Tesla Dating App - Only for Tesla Owners

Hey do you have Tesla and still waiting for a love. No problem your car company got a solution for you. Find Love of your life on Tesla Dating and have your own baby like X Æ A-Xii.

Recently Tesla (one of the biggest car company) launched it’s own dating app only for the Tesla owners. They launched the dating app with the tagline of “Because You Can’t Spell LOVE Without EV ❤”.

And we want to tell you that all this started as a joke. A Canadian e-commerce entrepreneur Ajitpal Grewal, hear many of his friend out there just talking about their Tesla Model X and also other models. And talking about how much they actually love their car.

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In the above pictures you can see the prototype of the app. How it will gonna look. In the beginning you can see the picture of the person either boy or a girl. Their photo and below the photo their name and their age too. And below that you can see which Tesla model they got and side of that the picture of the car with it’s color too. And short description about them like their profession, height and so on.

You can buy any anything you want, but can’t buy “LOVE” but this time your car company might help you to get love.

You can sign-up at https://tesladating.co/ for early access and when the app will be launched you will get the mail about the app with it’s detailed description. So what are you actually waiting for go and sign-up now for their early access.

Note: This is just a prototype of the app about how it might actually look when it will be finally ready. But it might take few week to months for the app to be launched.



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