The UP government had ordered to stop the production, supply, and production of Pan Masala across the state due to coronavirus.

As the coronavirus is spreading worldwide it is also spreading in India,

There are 694 confirmed cases of coronavirus in India and almost 35 cases belong to Uttar Pradesh.

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There are 35 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh out of the 35 patients 11 people have been confirmed as cured.

Why did the Yogi Government take this step?

As we know the new novel coronavirus spreads by any kind of droplets released from the mouth of the infected person, and these droplets are capable of transferring the virus from one surface to another.

Coronavirus can live on the surfaces where an infected person might spit

If an infected person Chewing Pan Masala spits anywhere, There are high chances of virus staying on that surface for more than 12 hours. That is why this important step has been taken by the government to minimize the risk of this pandemic outbreak in this way. The government has made this ban till further orders and those violating the rules will be dealt with strictness. There are already 1788 FIRs registered in the state against the people who are violating the rules on the lockdown

In an order food security commissioner said

Manufacturing, storage and sale of pan masala is being banned in the state as spitting pan masala can spread corona virus.

also in a press conference chief secretary, Avinash Awasthi said

We will make sure that the essential items will be delivered at the doorsteps. There is no limit for the shops selling essentials also the community kitchen will operate all across the state so that the poor get adequate food to eat at this time of crisis.


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