YouTube Shorts in India - News Ka Adda
YouTube Shorts in India - News Ka Adda

Yesterday on 14th September 2020, YouTube launched a new feature called YouTube Shorts. It’s a whole new way to watch and create short videos on YouTube.

Few month ago Indian Government banned TikTok, one of the most popular short video sharing platform. Just after the ban of TikTok, Instagram came-up with their new Instagram Reels feature. And now YouTube has launched the similar feature.

After the ban of TikTok in India, many similar types of apps has came out in the market. Few of them are only popular. But none-of the apps has quality and everything like that of TikTok. Let’s see how this new feature by YouTube may perform.

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For now YouTube Shorts in only available in India, and YouTube is panning to add more features in Shorts. And they are also planning to extend it to other countries in the coming months.

Features of YouTube Shorts

  • Create short videos – The main function is to create the short videos. The video should be of 15 seconds or less than that. You can’t create video with more than 15 seconds, but in TikTok it was 1 minute.
    • You can record the video with music from the YouTube’s own library which has large collection of songs.
    • It also has multi segment camera so that you can connect multiple clips in one. i.e if you long press and record short video then after holding or removing your hand again you can record by long pressing.
    • While creating the video you can also adjust the speed of the video.
    • You can also upload pre recorded videos if you don’t want to create.
  • Watch short videos – You might me wondering how viewers will watch those short videos. Therefore another feature is the watch row which is especially for YouTube Shorts which appear in the homepage of the app. Once you open the video, you can vertically swipe the video to play next one.
  • Get yourself discovered – After all the main purpose of creating those videos by a content creator is to get themselves discovered in-front of large audience. You can reach more viewers and get more followers by the help of this new feature.
YouTube Shorts images
Image Source :- YouTube Help Center

Although YouTube Shorts is in early beta, currently YouTube is releasing it in India to get feedback from the users and to improve the features and add more features in it & make it better. They will be releasing it to more countries in the coming months with lots of other features.

If you want to learn more about using Shorts & creating it then you can check the forum post on YouTube Help Center :-

What do you think about this new feature, let us know in the comments section below.

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